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updated 12/04/2012


Welcome to our on-line showroom.  We offer cars and trucks (for sale or trade) for the classic car enthusiast:... from hot rods to Sunday and sunny day cruisers...street rods to factory originals... from muscle cars to clean classics...the ready-to-drive to not-quite-finished.  We handle a little bit of everything.  Sometimes we have a lot and sometimes we have only a few.  Mostly American-made but you can never be too sure what we may come up with.           

So come on in and look around.  Be sure to check out What's new? and let us brag a little by looking at our  new Moved On  page!  Don't be afraid to ask questions or make comments.  We'd love to hear from you and we love to talk about cars.  We hope you enjoy your visit and that you come back to visit us again!



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