1922 T bucket Roadster

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updated 01/26/2011


(This vehicle is being offered on a consignment basis.  Vehicle description and specification information is provided by the seller)



1922 Ford T-bucket roadster
Candy apple red

VIN:  F0614GF


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Engine:  early 350 V8 with 194 heads, Pete Jackson gear drive, RV cam, polished tunnel ram intake with twin 500 cfm Edelbrock carburetors, Taylor plug wires, chrome water pump, alternator, oil and transmission pans, billet Mallory Unilite distributor, aluminum pulleys, stainless fan, 3-core Mustang radiator with stainless hoses with billet ends, 14 gallon aluminum fuel cell, braided lines for fuel (stainless from tank to carbs), transmission, front brakes (stainless), throttle and kickdown cables (Lokar), and dipstick, 

22TEngL.JPG (97215 bytes)22TExhL.JPG (92987 bytes)

Transmission:  turbo 350 non-lockup with shift kit and B&M ratchet shifter

Rear end/suspension:   Chevy rear end with 411 gears, front spindles 1949-54 Chevy spindles, friction shocks on front with 11" disk brakes, oil shocks on rear with drum brakes ; frame, front end and rear end are factory built T-bucket kit, Vega steering box, 

22TFrAxle.JPG (94781 bytes)22TFrSuspensionSide.JPG (95147 bytes)22TSilverDollar.JPG (82159 bytes)22THeadlight.JPG (87915 bytes)22TRrSuspension.JPG (90853 bytes)

Exhaust:  Sanderson ceramic coated headers with copper exhaust gaskets and Harley Davidson baffles

Body:  "2 door" fiberglass body; candy apple red paint with custom air mural on cowl, Chevy bow tie decals on bucket sides, vintage pinstripe accents, cast aluminum windshield posts, with base coat/ clear coat powder coating, chrome windshield rods, custom powder-coated trailer hitch with 2" chrome ball and 4 conductor flat plug


22TRadiatorGraphic.JPG (84153 bytes)22TCowlGraphic.JPG (91357 bytes)22TBed.JPG (92334 bytes)22TRRClose.JPG (95733 bytes)22TTrunkLid.JPG (96559 bytes)22TTrunkOpen.JPG (93954 bytes)

Wheels and tires:  Front--15 x 3 Weld Draglite wheels with 26/7.50 x 15 Mickey Thompson Sportsman tires

                                   Rear--15 x 15 Weld Draglite wheels with 33/21.5 x 15 Mickey Thompson Sportsman tires

22TRrWhl.JPG (88006 bytes)22TfrWhl.JPG (97656 bytes)

Interior:  velour and vinyl seats, Route 66 fabric covered firewall, automotive carpet with padding, vintage wooden steering wheel, safety belts, ignition and headlight switches mounted on firewall out of sight, oogah horn, speedometer, oil gauge, volt meter and water temp meter

22TDash.JPG (90747 bytes)22TOdo.JPG (85393 bytes)22T Seat.JPG (78676 bytes)22TBucketGraphic.JPG (83620 bytes)22TSideGraphic.JPG (87275 bytes)




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