1969 Chevelle SS

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updated 12/29/2010



1969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS

VIN:  136379B397789

Here is another example of a road dominating machine from the GM muscle car heyday. This numbers matching big block muscle car has been the recipient of a complete, frame-off restoration with only a few modifications from its original configuration (electronic ignition for dependability and "bow tie" gauges and tach for looks and Flowmaster dual exhaust for the rumble).  Very well done and very well kept, it offers a smooth ride, solid shifting, stable suspension, and responsive steering.  According to the records received with the car, the restoration work was done prior to 2003 but without knowing the date it would be difficult to pinpoint the age of the work.  There are very few signs of wear and aging.  It was obviously painstakingly done by someone who knows and loves the car and then cared for by someone with equal respect for the car and the work done.  A 2003 appraisal from Continental Classic Car Appraisals in Tarpon Springs, FL judges the car to be in #1-excellent/show condition with high marks in each and every category used in the appraisal and predicts that this sought after collector car should continue to appreciate in value.  It truly is an excellent example of what just might be the most recognizable and popular American muscle car.


Engine:  numbers matching 375 hp 396 ci V8 modified by the addition of electronic ignition and headers

Transmission:  floor shift 4 speed manual 

Rear end/suspension:  posi-trac with stock gears and suspension

Exhaust:  dual exhaust, headers into 3" Flowmasters

Body:  correct "67" paint code (maroon) with red sport stripe, SS hood, front and rear bumper guards

Options:  all factory/stock:  power steering, power brakes, dual exhaust, AM/FM radio, tinted glass, day & night rear mirror

Wheels/tires:  factory correct SS wheels with white letter wide oval tires

Interior:  bench front seat, correct "parchment" vinyl seat covers and matching door panels, black dash and trim, underdash "bow tie" gauges, steering column mount tachometer


69ChevelleSSNose.JPG (94459 bytes)69ChevelleSSLF.JPG (99017 bytes)69ChevelleSSL.JPG (98445 bytes)69ChevelleSSLR.JPG (95198 bytes)69ChevelleSSTail.JPG (95257 bytes)69ChevelleSSRR.JPG (97257 bytes)69ChevelleSSR.JPG (97947 bytes)69ChevelleSSRF.JPG (97521 bytes)

69ChevelleSSHood.JPG (96206 bytes)69ChevelleLFClose.JPG (96997 bytes)69ChevelleSSLTailClose.JPG (99014 bytes)69ChevelleSSDeckLid.JPG (90723 bytes)69ChevelleSSRRClose.JPG (93481 bytes)69ChevelleSSRNoseClose.JPG (95901 bytes)69ChevelleSSWiperTray.JPG (95058 bytes)69ChevelleSSWhl.JPG (89795 bytes)

69ChevelleSSDashL.JPG (92295 bytes)69ChevelleSSInstrClstr.JPG (97527 bytes)69ChevelleSSOdo.JPG (81002 bytes)69ChevelleSSDashCtr.JPG (90206 bytes)69ChevelleSSGloveBox.JPG (85572 bytes)69ChevelleSSDashR.JPG (91432 bytes)69ChevelleSSDashTop.JPG (89576 bytes)

69ChevelleSSDrDoorPnl.JPG (88443 bytes)69ChevelleSSDrSill.JPG (84405 bytes)69ChevelleSSDrSeat.JPG (83929 bytes)69ChevelleSSDrSeatBack.JPG (78505 bytes)69ChevelleSSPassDrPnl.JPG (82739 bytes)69ChevelleSSPassSill.JPG (80835 bytes)69ChevelleSSPassSeat.JPG (78543 bytes)69ChevelleSSPassSeatBack.JPG (75527 bytes)

69ChevelleSSRrIntPnlR.JPG (84517 bytes)69ChevelleSSPkgTrayR.JPG (81470 bytes)69ChevelleSSBackSeat.JPG (85051 bytes)69ChevelleSSPkgTrayL.JPG (80732 bytes)69ChevelleSSRrIntPnlL.JPG (79318 bytes)69ChevelleSSHdlnrFr.JPG (75715 bytes)69ChevelleSSHdlnrRr.JPG (65735 bytes)

69ChevelleSSEngComp.JPG (99854 bytes)69ChevelleSSEngCompR.JPG (91332 bytes)69ChevelleSSEngR.JPG (96242 bytes)69ChevelleSSEng.JPG (98325 bytes)69ChevelleSSEngL.JPG (97502 bytes)69ChevelleSSEngCompL.JPG (94638 bytes)

69ChevelleSSInnerTrunkLid.JPG (88872 bytes)69ChevelleSSTrunk.JPG (98223 bytes)69ChevelleSSTrkL.JPG (100313 bytes)69ChevelleSSTrkR.JPG (94060 bytes)

69ChevelleSSTrimTag.JPG (88885 bytes)69ChevelleSSScrape.JPG (75518 bytes)69ChevelleSSIntTrimDtl.JPG (76461 bytes)

(This vehicle is being offered on a consignment basis.  Vehicle description and specification information is provided by the seller)



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